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I teach people how to dance argentine tango from beginner to master level so they can shine from inside to outside.

what is my Background ?


Buenos Aires, I'am the 4th generation of tango dancer in my family.

I startED dancing tango with my sister at the age of 10.

Since 2005, I traveled around the world, teaching and performing in festivals and theatres.

Broadway star of the Renown

show :

co-founder & Artistic director of TANGOShOW.CA

I have 27 years of experience in argentine tango (social and stage).

LIVING currently in montréal, I'am RQD member as a teacher, choreographer and performer


argentine tango

with me today

learn and have fun!

  • 1 hour private dance session
  • 1/2 hour private session training at the Gym with Hernan (optional)

$140 cad

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Private session packages :

  • 20 hours package ($1970 cad)

  • 10 hours package($1100 Cad)

  • 5 hours package($650 cad)

start now!


  • private PREMIUM coaching

  • 1 student or couple

  • 1 choreography to make you shine
  • 15 hours training and learning one entire Tango choreography

$1970 cad

my tango life & legacy

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what students are saying

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